Over the last ten years, we have created the most scientific research and development team in the same industry in China,
Construction of China's large-scale color selection equipment production base. In the meantime, Taihe optoelectronic won a number of patent certification and honor.


Approved as Hefei Technology Innovation Center in January 2020 

To be continued...


Won “Brand Model Enterprise of Anhui Province” in February 2019

Selected as "Top 100 Comprehensive Manufacturers" among private enterprises in Anhui Province in August 2019 

Invested in Hefei Packunion Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. on September 6, 2019 

Won a gold medal in China International Exhibition for the Grain and Oil Products, Equipment and Technology for seven consecutive times as of October 2019 

Won "Green Plant of Anhui Province" in October 2019 

Set up Hefei Zengran Intelligent Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. on November 25, 2019 

The "R&D and Application of Intelligent Loading System" Project was approved as "Anhui Major Science and Technology Project" in December 2019 


"TAIHO" was identified as "China Well-known Trademark" in April 2018 

Approved as "National Enterprise Technology Center" in July 2018 

Invested in Hefei Zhuohai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. on August 24, 2018


Listed on the Main Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange on March 21, 2017 

Recognized as "Informatization and Industrialization Management System Implementation Standard Pilot Enterprises in 2017" by MIIT in August 2017 

"TAIHO" was identified as "Anhui Well-known Trademark" in December 2017 


Won the title of "Top 20 Anhui Software Enterprises 2016" in April 2016 

Rated as "Enterprise with Good Credit in Honoring Contracts" by SAIC in July 2016 

Recognized as “Provincial Industrial Design Center” by Anhui Economic and Information Commission in November 2016 

Won "Quality Prize of Anhui" in November 2016 

"Engineering Technology Research Center of Photoelectric Detection and Sorting Intelligent Equipment" was recognized as Anhui provincial engineering technology research center in December 2016


Ranked in "Top 100 Anhui Private Enterprises in 2015" in September 2015 


S.PRECISION (in Chinese: 普锐斯) plus the trademark graphics were identified as "Anhui Well-known Trademark" in December 2014 


CCD color sorter was awarded as Anhui famous-brand product in March 2013 

Recognized as the innovative pilot enterprise in Anhui Province in July 2013 

Recognized as the demonstration project of China Torch Program in September 2013 

Granted to set up "postdoctoral research workstation" in November 2013 


The R&D project "high-performance material sorting equipment based on SOC system and color & shape combinatorial algorithm" was approved and funded by Major Projects of Innovation Fund for Small and Medium-sized Technology-based Enterprises of MOST in July 2012 


Granted to set up "Engineering Technology Research Center for Optoelectronic Sorting of Industrial Materials of Hefei City" by Hefei Science and Technology Bureau in November 2011 


Passed quality management system certification, environmental management system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification in April 2010 


Recognized as "high-tech enterprise" by Anhui Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Department of Finance, State Taxation Administration, and local taxation office for the first time in December 2008