Industrial Robots

Products of Robot Business Division: The company researched and developed the palletizing robot, punching robot, stacker AGV, automatic stereoscopic warehouse, six-axis robot, visual inspection system and SCARA robot successively, and undertook various non-standard designs and the production and transformation of automatic production line.

Palletizing Robot

Taiho independently researched and developed the automatic production intelligent equipment brand – Taiho Robot by the strong technical strength and innovative spirit. Taiho Robot integrated the multidisciplinary advanced technology involving machinery, electron, control, computer, sensor and artificial intelligence, to meet the requirements of palletizing operation, and also meet the increasingly high-speed and high-efficient production requirements of the customers. Taiho Robot would be better, faster and more intelligent with the aim of surpassing the customer’s expectation.



Grain and oil industry   feed industry   food industry   chemical industry   wine industry   beverage industry   printing industry

Functional characteristiecs

01 Grip system  The structure is very concise and easy to maintenance with low failure rate. Multiple grips are fit for various applications.
02 Dynamic system  Adopt the aluminum alloy and FRP shell, with light structure, low noise, the most rational utilization of electric energy, energy saving and low consumption.
03 Control system  Proprietary intellectual property right, high repeated positioning accuracy, algorithm optimization, and high beat.
04 Demonstrator  Concise and friendly man-machine interaction interface, humanized button layout, and highly reliable button and touch screen design.

Punching Robot

Taiho Robot Company provides the total solution for the punching machinery and robot automation application by the highest cost performance and superior service depending on years of work experience in the punching automation field.


Household appliance punching parts   automobile punching parts   office supplies punching parts   electronics industry punching parts

Functional characteristiecs

· Adopt the high precision servo control system with accurate positioning.
· The load weight of 5KG or less is optional arbitrarily.
· The swing arm angle is 360 degrees and the cross arm rotation angle is 360 degrees.
· Efficient and concise man-machine interface can assist the staffs to finish the demonstration work rapidly.
· Adopt the highly reliable components and parts to guarantee the stability, to replace the labors, reduce the cost and improve the production efficiency.

Automated guided vehicle

Automated guided vehicle is an important part of the warehouse logistics automation.

Advanced manufacturing technology and factory logistics automation are the domestic and overseas valued new technology application fields at present. Flexible processing, flexible assembly and warehouse logistics automation are integral parts. Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is an indispensable equipment and system technology. AGV is mainly characterized by high degree of automation, customizable flexibility and on-line charging, and has been widely applied to various industries such as automobile, medicine and food.

Taiho forklift type AGV adopts the mature navigation technology, and has many optional navigation modes involving magnetic navigation and laser navigation, with accurate navigation and off-position. The independently researched and developed upper dispatching system realizes the real time monitoring of multiple AGVs at the same time, and possesses the function of traffic control for the complex road sections.

Core characteristics

Adopt the German SICK secure laser anti-collision device and American Cpley servo motor driver, to ensure the safe and reliable running of AGV.

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