Intelligent Color Sorter

Color sorter is the equipment of automatically sorting the particles of different colors from the particle materials by the photoelectric detection technology in accordance with the difference of the material optical property. The photoelectric color sorter is the non-destructive sorting equipment for the quality detection and grading of bulk materials, and is widely applied to the industries involving grain, food, and pigment chemical industry. It can sort the malignant impurities such as plastics, glass, metal and homochromatic pole from the grain, with the international advanced level.

As the typical optical-mechanical-electrical integrated system, the color sorter involves the innovation and application of various fields such as optics, mechanics, electrics and software, with upgrade and update at high speed, and is a typical innovative technology product.


Product classification

Products of Color Sorter Business Division: rice color sorter, wheat color sorter, coarse cereal color sorter, peanut color sorter, corn color sorter, tea color sorter, coffee bean color sorter, lycium color sorter, industrial color sorter, intelligent infrared color sorter, ultraviolet color sorter, crawler type color sorter, X-ray machine, and various customized color sorters.


Functional characteristiecs

Color sorting is everywhere

Taiho CCD color sorter is applied to many fields, involving the industrial sorting and grading of rice, peanut, soybean, sesame, coffee, tea and other agricultural and sideline products, the industrial sorting and grading and detection application of plastics and industrial salt.

Application area

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