Intelligent Vertical Style Storage System

First-rate automatic logistics expert, creating unmanned operation factory

Automatic stereo warehouse system, namely the stereoscopic warehouse, is a new concept in logistics, warehousing, is the current storage technology in the form of higher levels of logistics field, using three-dimensional warehouse equipment can realize high-level rationalization, access to automation, easy to operate. Main body by the shelves, the type of roadway stacker crane loading and unloading the workbench, and automatic transmission system and operating control system. Shelves are usually combined steel structure buildings or structures, shelves position is a standard size in space, through in the shelf between roadway stacker crane, save, take the goods to complete work. Mouth for ins and outs of the use of a variety of conveyor or AGV \ RGV run automatically when the car stacker machine docking realize the automatic operation of the logistics.

Functional characteristiecs

The warehouse work fully realizes the mechanization and automation, to save the manpower and improve the working efficiency.
Increase the warehouse height substantially, make the most of warehouse area and space, reduce the floor area, and lower the land acquisition expenses.
Store the goods by the tray or container, to significantly reduce the breakage rate of goods.
For the utilization management, the goods allocation is centralized for the convenience of controlling, and the storage capacity of the warehouse can be utilized effectively by virtue of the computer, to facilitate stocktaking, reduce the inventory reasonably and save the working funds.
It can adapt to the needs in the special occasions such as darkness, toxicity and low temperature.

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