The talent determines the positon and the contribution determines the value.
The company sticks to the principle that human resource is the primary resource. Give people tasks based on their skills, and put the right people at the right position. Apply a flexible competition system to stimulate the potentials and creativities of the personnels. Provide conditions that the talents can grow themselves and enhance their values. Value personnels to the company based on their abilities and contributions. Make sure the outstanding talented persons who are moral rectitude, hard-working, have high professional competences and high work efficiencies can show themselves.

Make employees more brilliant, and make the company more outstanding.
The company values the career development of each employee. Implement trainings for all employees, builds learning teams, and customized provides domestic and international professional trainings of various aspects and in various levels, including new employee trainings, management trainings, overseas investigations, visits and other means, to overall improve employees’ comprehensive qualities and professional proficiencies. The various trainings not only enhance the personal value of employees, but also promote the constant updates on the whole knowledge and structure of company and the constant improvement of the comprehensive competitiveness of the company.

Heart to heart communication. Expression of all opinions.  
The definition of outstanding talents in the requirements of Taiho is not the executor who does exactly what he is been told to, and does everything by rule. In Taiho, the consistent purpose and quest of superiors and subordinates at work is to achieve ideal results. The office doors of the president and CEO are always open, and the employees are encouraged to come up with new ideas and new strategies. A outstanding talent in Taiho should have thoughts and eloquence first, and the second is to be brave to break away from conventions and put forward the ideas.

Put the right person in the right place. Give the right job to the right person. All-round development.
Taiho pays extra attention on moderate observations and adjustments of the personnel aspect. Once there is a proper opportunity, the personnel will be transferred to another position, another area to get in touch with a new field and a new challenging goal. Therefore, many talents of Taiho are versatile cosmopolitans, who are broadening their perspectives and their careers confidently.

The immense sea allows fish to leap at liberty, the vast sky allows birds fly freely. Taiho is your take-off stage…If you have a connection with us, Taiho is your dreaming stage. We sincerely welcome you to join us.