Intelligent Color Sorter
Color sorter is the equipment of automatically sorting the particles of different colors from the particle materials by the photoelectric detection technology in accordance with the difference of the material optical property. The photoelectric color sorter is the non-destructive sorting equipment for the quality detection and grading of bulk materials, and is widely applied to the industries involving grain, food, and pigment chemical industry. It can sort the malignant impurities such as plastics, glass, metal and homochromatic pole from the grain, with the international advanced level
Industrial Robots
Products of Robot Business Division: The company researched and developed the palletizing robot, punching robot, stacker AGV, automatic stereoscopic warehouse, six-axis robot, visual inspection system and SCARA robot successively, and undertook various non-standard designs and the production and transformation of automatic production line.
Intelligent Vertical Style Storage System
Automatic stereo warehouse system, namely the stereoscopic warehouse, is a new concept in logistics, warehousing, is the current storage technology in the form of higher levels of logistics field, using three-dimensional warehouse equipment can realize high-level rationalization, access to automation, easy to operate. Main body by the shelves, the type of roadway stacker crane loading and unloading the workbench, and automatic transmission system and operating control system.